Why are tigers endangered ?


Tigers have orange fur with black stripes. They have a big pink nose and white fur around their face. Tigers have four strong legs.


Tigers like to live near swamps, grasslands and rainforests. Tigers live in Asia, China, Korea and Russia.


Tigers use caves, under trees and shady places for shelter.

Tigers are apex predators but they still get hunted by human beings. Humans want to kill tigers so they can sell their fur and meat because some Asian countries believe that tiger meat is a good medicine. Tigers try to stay away from humans.Tigers hunt animals that are similar to them in size.

Biological  Relationships


Tigers biomes are forests and rainforests.

Life cycle

A tiger starts as a new born then a child tiger and finally an adult tiger.

Food chain

A food chain starts with a  primary producer than a primary consumer and finally an Apex predator. For example, a sheep eats grass and a tiger eats the sheep.

Interesting facts

Even though tigers are Apex predators there are still less than 4% of tigers in the world. Tigers are the largest cats in the world. Tiger have stripes on their fur and skin.

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