Who Am I?

    This is a picture of my sister and I. It was taken around 1973 in Tijuana, Mexico. Of course I had always known that I was born in Mexico and lived there for a couple of years. But it was not until coming across this picture and talking with my family that I found out that I had actually attending kindergarten in Mexico. I guess for all these years it was something that was just swept under the rug, not really a secret, but just never mentioned and eventually just forgotten. We moved to the United States that summer and that school year I started kindergarten. Anyway, back to the significance of the picture and how I found out that I actually attended kindergarten in Mexico and in the United States, both of which I don’t remember. When we first came across this picture my mom told me that she remembered that day vividly. It was on the last day of my kindergarten year and the toy car that I am holding was an end of the year gift from my teacher. I guess that was something she did every year with all her students. To make a long story short, my little sister wanted a toy too and didn’t understand why she didn’t get one. As my mom tried to explain it to her as best she could, the teacher went up to her and handed her the toy car that she is holding. My mom said that she remembers it so clearly because the teacher reminded her of an older grandma, so nice and sweet, walked up so gently to my sister and gave it to her without a second thought. Not having much then, a toy like that was a big deal. So in reminiscing about this old photo, I found out that I attended kindergarten twice and in two different countries.

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us.