To Buy or Rent a Tablet? That is the Question

Indeed, but what is your answer? Whether you're aiming to fulfill personal or business needs, a tablet can be a smart investment that delivers on its promise of technological value. We're going to help you put your mind at ease with the highs and lows of buying and renting a tablet.

Why Buy a Tablet

When you go out to your neighborhood electronics shop and buy a tablet, it's yours. No payments or contracts. No taking it back to the store in three to six months. Buying a tablet outright will also save you the most money in the long run. While this method gives you the best overall deal, whether or not it provides the best bang for your buck is all dependent on your situation.

Why Rent a Tablet

People have a lot of expenses these days. High-speed internet. Netflix. Family-sized mobile phone plan. All these modern items on top of the traditional wad of bills and unexpected circumstances that come your way. By renting, you can get the tablet you need and keep precious money in your bank account. Rental stores allow you to procure merchandise on monthly or weekly payment cycles so the budget you need for acquisition is minimal.

Tablet computers are powerful. But not perfect. Renting helps you rest easy with additional services that protect your investment. A credible rental store will handle any necessary maintainance and even provide a loaner device while the item is being repaired. The safeguard coverage you receive exceeds the manufacturer's warranty.

It's safe to say that tablets are here to say. Sleek, portable, and oh so powerful, they make a great companion or gift for the cutting edge tech geek in your life. If you're searching for a place that can put a tablet in your hand without taking everything out your wallet, Buddy's Home Furnishings is an excellent choice. Without our huge selection of name brand tablets and affordable payment plans, securing your next mobile device couldn't be easier.