Wonder character in the spotlight
Jack Will

BY: Toby Romick

Character tie to theme

I think the theme Jack learned was kindness because at the beginning of the book he did not want to meet August because of his face but during the book he grows to like him because of who he is. He also defends August when Julian is making fun of him and punches Julian in the middle of talking is

Characters influences

I think August and Jack impacted  each other the most because Jack helped August through the year and August stayed with Jack  when all of his friends leave him. August also heard Jack say he only hung out August because Mr. Tushman asked him to and he forgave him. These two helped each other though things such as losing friends and not having friends.

Art representation

This represents Jack because most of him is calm but like the scream he is not all perfect like all humans he has anger and I think the scream represents because it surprises me that he punched Julian and just like  the scream surprises  me by having something like that.

by Edvard Munch

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