Todd Belok - Mental Health Technician at Temple University Hospital

A longtime medical technician with many years of experience in mental health and patient care, Todd Belok currently serves as a mental health technician with the Temple University Hospital Episcopal Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In this capacity, he creates a safe, therapeutic atmosphere for patients undergoing psychiatric treatment. In addition to helping patients navigate their daily activities, Todd Belok participates in the float pool for three acute units, two extended stay units, and the Crisis Response Center.

Before taking on his current role, Todd Belok spent several years as a patient care technician in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. He conducted nursing-related interventions when necessary and often assisted in medical procedures. Todd Belok also worked as a psychiatric technician with the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, where he oversaw patient safety and security and floated between a number of different hospital units.

Mr. Belok is currently working toward his master of science in biomedical science at Drexel University.