Todd Troeger- Vice Presiden at First Midwest Bank

A banking professional with more than 25 years of experience, Todd Troeger serves as vice president of commercial banking for First Midwest Bank. Since joining the Palos Heights, Illinois, financial institution in 2012, he has brought in more than $9 million in new assets and liabilities. Another of Todd Troeger's accomplishments during this period involved sourcing and submitting $65.5 million in new credits for underwriting.

Before accepting this role, Todd Troeger was vice president and relationship manager for Citibank in Tinley Park, Illinois. With the institution for a decade, he became its top development officer for two years and was named to its Circle of Excellence, an honor reserved for the top 10 percent of commercial bankers across the nation.

Earlier, Todd Troeger handled business development for SYM Financial Corporation in South Bend, Indiana. The recipient of the company's highest sales performance award one year, he created relationships and improved his firm’s standing in areas ranging from 401(k) plan administration to wealth management services.

To prepare for his career, Troeger earned a bachelor of science in finance from Indiana University. He went on to acquire an MBA from Notre Dame.

The Four Point Play in Basketball

Todd Troeger spent a decade as vice president of Citibank. He spent two years in the same role with First Midwest Bank. In his free time Todd Troeger likes to play basketball and watch pro games on television.

In recent years the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been considering adding a four point line to the court. While the rule change may unnerve traditionalists, it should be noted that the three point line was not introduced until 1979. For now, however, basketball players can only score four points on a single shot if they are fouled while completing a three point attempt.

The Chicago Bulls' Sam Smith successfully completed the NBA’s first-ever four point play in October of 1979, shortly after the establishment of the three point line. Facing the Milwaukee Bucks, Smith leaned into former teammate Brian Winters, the man who had taught Smith the move, while shooting a three. Winters was called for a foul as Smith’s shot passed through the net. Smith sunk the free throw, though the Bulls would go on to lose the game 113-111.

In the nearly four decades that have passed since Smith’s four point play no player has accomplished the maneuver more often than Jamal Crawford. He has successfully finished 44 four point plays over the course of his career. By comparison, as a franchise the Boston Celtics have only recorded 17 four point plays. JJ Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers finished the 2014-2015 with six completed four point plays on seven attempts to lead the league.