The #together campaign is beginning it’s final four week descent, and as we continue to make efforts to spend time together, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on what I have seen through this campaign.

     First, I want to make note that my wife and I have spent TRIPLE the amount of time with other people as we normally do. Each week after gathering, the majority of our home group goes out to eat together, we get together during the week, as well as meeting for our normal Thursday night home groups. This has been the best thing to happen to our home group. When life gets busy, it becomes increasingly more difficult to match everyone’s schedules together, but the truth is: If you really want it, you will make it work. During this #together campaign, the LORD has put the desire to grow closer to our Home Group and Church in our hearts. This one was one of the hopes for the #together campaign, that we would be and grow TOGETHER.

     Second, I have noticed an unprecedented unity in our entire church. With every Sunday night gathering, I see growth and unity in our congregation. From the moment the first song starts, through the sermon, to the last note of the night, our church is engaged. We make light of posting all sorts of photos and statuses on social media involving the #together campaign, but the truth is, the LORD used this social media campaign to bring excitement to Providence. We still have four weeks left of this campaign, and now that we see just how close we have gotten to one another, we have four weeks to be even MORE unified!

     Lastly, I want to say thank you. The volunteers of this church help our gatherings and home groups work. I work so closely with our set up, worship, and creative teams on a weekly basis, and I am blown away by the willingness to serve long hours, while doing hard tasks. I know that the operations team and Providence family have worked so hard during this campaign, and we have grown closer through it. To all those who feel undervalued or under appreciated, you are noticed, and you are valued, by Christ, and by the staff and elders at Providence.


Let’s make the most of it and spend it #together

In Christ,

Brendan Tanamachi

Worship/Creative Director