Tokyo Rhode Island Singapore review: New coastal resilience CoE in UNC

The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) of the Department of Homeland Security has announced a USD 3 million grant to the University of North Carolina as it leads the new Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence (COE) program, aiming to address coastal problems in the state.

The Coastal Resilience COE is expected to provide a venue for a collaboration of scientific experts from the academe, private sectors and government agencies -- all aiming to address issues like flooding and hurricanes that threaten coastal areas.

The Homeland Security Act has established the Center of Excellence program in 2002 in order to get leading graduate students and faculty to apply their skills on various natural disasters rehabilitation and homeland security concerns. This new COE that the DHS plans will consist of a group of partner institutions cooperating towards the completion of the research portfolio, led by Jackson State University and University of North Carolina.

The undersecretary for S&T said, "Our nation's university system is a constant source of innovation and fresh ideas where many of the best and brightest minds reside. DHS Centers of Excellence are vital partners in our mission to develop solutions to some of the most complex and dangerous natural disasters that we face."

In 2008, the Coastal Hazards' work has helped the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Coast Guard in their operations during major disasters through the development of flood and storm surge models. By utilizing the said instruments, they can accurately pinpoint communities that would be badly affected, making full preparations ahead of the disaster possible.

Creating a new Coastal Hazards center in UNC would be a great aid in DHS' bid to widen the COE's efforts on coastal management. With the $ 3 million grant to cover the center's first year of operations, the Keeley Consulting Group reckons that it is well on its way to contributing a great deal.

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