Successful Coach Turned Business Owner Tom Gang

An accomplished leader within the realm of public education and child care, Tom Gang owns and serves as the business manager of TS Gang, LLC, which is currently doing business as Sister Act Community Child Care. Since starting the company in 2014, he has handled everything from creating and developing successful business strategy to developing a solid financial plan and obtaining the necessary operating licenses from the state licensing agency. Tom Gang also handles the management of business funds and marketing strategy. With his guidance, the company was quickly recognized as the largest state-licensed facility in the area of Carrollton, Missouri.

Prior to starting his current endeavor, Mr. Gang had built a successful career as a public school and college athletic coach. He first started out as graduate assistant football coach at California State University, Fullerton, and eventually worked his way up to such positions as assistant football coach with Ceres Unified School District and Modesto Junior College in California. In 2003 Tom Gang accepted the title of head football coach at Mendocino College and helped the football team with three championships during his time there. He was also awarded two Coach of the Year honors and eventually became tenured before beginning his current job.