Tomochichi and James Oglthope


Tomochichi was born in 1644 with little know about his childhood due to poor documentation. Although we know that he grew up as a Creek Indian. He participated in activities with the colonists in South Carolina; both peaceful and violent.

Chief of the Yamacraw Indians

Tomochichi founded a group of people called the Yamacraws in 1728. This group included Creek and Yamasee Indians due to disagreement of land between English and Spanish Territories. The land they settled in is known as Savannah was want because the bluffs where beside a river and Tomochichi's ancestors were buried there.

Yamacraw bluff/

Forming georgia

When James and the settlers came, Tomochichi wasn't afraid of them because of his interactions with colonist before, but he was still cautious. He talked to them through Mary Musgroove who interpreted for them. he agreed to give James Yamacraw bluff which is today known as Savannah. Tomochichi trusted James to trade with him and his trust payed off.

Elderly ages and death

He continued to spend time with the English teaching and showing them the land. He travled to England to to show what he had done and to show how well georgia would do. When he returned he went in inner georgia with his tribe and got serious sick and as he still did negotiations he got worse and died on Oct. 5, 1739.

Tomochichi in England