Toni Kunac: An IT Products Dealer In Los Angeles

Toni Kunac is one of the best dealers of computer and information technology products in Los Angeles of California. He is running his shop since the year 1982. He has thorough knowledge of various branded products. If you want to buy any IT related products, just pick up your phone and call to his number. You only need to tell your requirements, then it is up to him to suggest reliable products best suitable to your needs.

The products of Toni Kunac's shop have:

* High quality: He believes in customer satisfaction and his products are of superior quality and have high performance as well.
* Guarantee: The shop provides a variety of products of all brands including IBM, Apple, HP, Acer, Cisco, and more. All these products come with certain periods of guarantees (depending on the manufacturers) so that customers can purchase them without any hesitation.
* Home delivery: Toni's shop also has an online presence through which he facilitates customers to purchase the products simply by ordering them through the official website, and the ordered products reach to customers' premises within 2-3 working days.
* Cost-effective: As compared to other dealers, Toni's prices are quite low. As it is seen that reducing product's price means reducing the quality of the products, but Toni's products are cost effective and are also of better quality.

Toni Kunac is living in Los Angeles with his wife and has two children. His wife is a school teacher in a local school. He has two brothers also who are working in a Chicago based restaurant. When he was a 10 year child, his parents passed away and he has been raised in his uncle's home. After completing his high schooling, he started going to his uncle's shop which was an IT and electronic products repair. He learned IT repair in depth.

He always remembers to give donations to child and women welfare organizations in the local city. His main aim in life is to eradicate the social problems like poverty. He also runs a private organization which works for the welfare of children of school going ages. It provides money and other living facilities to the poor.

Toni loves to travel and likes to go to distinct places. Although he has visited many countries, but still traveling is his passion. He always goes for a walk daily. Reading newspaper and watering the plants is a part of his daily routine.

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