Toni Kunac Describes About Different Aqua Boot Camp Exercises

Toni Kunac is a professional and experienced fitness trainer. He has been serving the fitness industry since many years. He arranges aqua boot camp classes for his students and describes various exercises related to it. He keeps an account for the age of individuals in his class, their complete physical health, and ability to swim. One of his favorite aqua boot camp cardio stations is using noodle. He describes the ways of doing this exercise.

* Sit on the noodle, as if you are sitting on a horse and keep feet off the floor. Suspend them in the water.
* He informs the learners to extend their right leg out in front in a way that the left leg hangs out behind.
* Toni Kunac tells to hold onto the front side of the noodle.
* The next step is to dig your right heel into water, and to use only the right leg. He asks to kick to move forward from one side of the pool to the other side or to a certain place.
* He instructs his students to turn around while moving towards the set destination, and to switch legs with the help of the left leg.
The next step is to place the left heel into water,and to kick back to the other side of the pool.

The students can repeat the whole exercise for next 2 more minutes. Toni Kunac describes another cardio station idea which includes the following things

* The learners can do shoot hoops or jump shots for 30 seconds
* Froggers for 30 seconds
* Also Tuck jumps for 30 seconds
* Try to finish with Tuck jumps

He also tells about one more aqua boot camp exercise that can be done using dumbbells

* Cross Country Ski legs that includes going back and forth with feet on the floor
* He advises to hold a dumbbell in both the hands
* The next step includes holding arms out to the other side of the body. The palms must face forward when holding dumbbells.
* He describes that when the legs will be in CC Ski position, the arms with dumbbells will clap or will come together just in front of the body. Open arms once more to the sides and repeat the whole process for next 30 seconds.

Toni Kunac has comprehensive knowledge about Kettlebell Workouts, Abdominal exercises, progressive overloads, and many more.

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