Toni Kunac Describes Ways To Become A Good Hip Hop Dancer

Toni Kunac is a professional hip hop dancer based in New York. He was born to a well to do family, and has 2 siblings. His mother was a nurse and father was a businessman. He developed his interest in dancing because of his elder brother. His brother loved dancing and both Toni and his brother used to dance on different types of songs. Whenever, they would find some free time, they would play music and would start dancing. At the age of 7, Toni had participated in one of the dance competitions of the area, but could not make it to the finals. So, he enrolled in a dance academy where he learned hip hop. He is also skilled in jazz, contemporary, ballet, and Salsa dance forms.

He gives some tips to individuals who want to learn hip hop and want to become a good dancer. Toni Kunac says that if a person wants to dance, he or she must love it. Dancers must ignore how other persons look at them when they dance, and must concentrate only on themselves and their dance. Dancers must fully concentrate on dancing, otherwise they might not be able to learn some moves because these moves can stress them out. He advises people to look for some well known dancers who can encourage amateur dancers and can teach them to dance. Novice dancers must take inspiration from his or her favorite dancers and must learn from them how they become skilled in this profession. There are many ways of learning Hip Hop, either students can take classes or can learn by themselves with the help of videos.

Toni Kunac suggests people to seek help of some professionals who can see their moves, can guide and correct them. Dancing is one of the methods to express feelings. He considers dance to be beautiful, artistic, and something that cannot be described in words. He says that practicing Hip Hop alone can be boring, so individuals can look for a nearby dance studio or a gym, or can learn it with their friends. He says that it might be possible that some people might discourage you, but one must ignore such type of people. You should never let yourself down, and must do practice daily. They must try to bring grace in their dance. Toni Kunac advises them to put every single move they have learned in their song and must perform a wonderful dance.

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