Toni Kunac Has The Expertise And Skills To Create Unique Jewelry Designs

Toni Kunac lives in San Jose, CA and has been working as a jewelry designer for many years. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Associate Diploma in Fine Arts, he started designing jewelry from the things that were available at home, for instance, wires. His work in precious stones and metal assisted him to make sensuous and original forms in gold and silver. Kunac’s jewelry explores the dynamic surface texture, mark making, and color. His techniques are based on observation and experimentation, encouraging figures to grow merely through distortion and stretching, classically modifying a geometrically simple shape into a tangible 3D object which might generate natural forms.

He is fanatical about people’s experience of his work. Jewelry is one of the ancient types of art, and he thinks that it fulfills an intense need for self expression. According to him, when jewelry is not worn, it might appear as an interesting piece of art, but it looks fabulous only when it is worn. Toni Kunac is influenced by the history and nature of art. The innate forms of his work amicably merge contemporary and old designs. He is very skillful, and his creativity and expertise is apparent in his jewelry designs. Hand engraved details add a unique element to the designs. He uses fine quality material, which is durable and of premium quality.

He has won several awards for his unique, creative, and beautiful works. Kunac has attended several exhibitions, and his designs have earned great appreciation from people and the industry experts. He fuses layers of precious metals to come up with modern and bold jewelry. This technique enables him to employ different imprints and textures on the elements. Playing with patterns, working with various materials, and advanced techniques have helped him to excel in this industry. He ensures that the pieces are comfortable and feel light when they are put on. This gives them a precious and tactile quality.

His collection includes an assortment of beautifully designed brooches, rings, neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings. Toni Kunac offers huge discounts on his jewelry pieces. His signature style is silver clusters and fine gold, which embrace his work creating an array of highly wearable jeweler. He designs produce diverse and contemporary hand crafted jewelry designs, which are both functional and individual. Kunac keeps on experimenting with new techniques and styles, so that he can offer something new and creative to his clientele.

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