Toni Kunac Is A Brilliant Cartoon Artist

Toni Kunac is an extremely talented cartoon artist who has been creating cartoon characters since his early high school years. The difference is that, then he use to make different cartoons from pencils but, now he creates different characters with his professional pen. His truly unique style of cartoon and caricature drawing has matured and eventually developed into a profession. After studying visual arts from a reputed college, he worked as a journalist, chef and a columnist before finally returning to his passion – Drawing Cartoons. Toni’s career path might seem somewhat chaotic, but in the end it reflects the original.

At present, Toni Kunac is working for an animation studio where he creates drawings of characters, environments and objects for small and large scale productions. In those characters, he also creates moods and color patterns, dramatizing actions, and paint background scenes. He has the skill of drawing characters both manually and on the computer. Before entering into a digital industry, he has also created hundreds of cartoons for various magazines and newspapers on various social and political issues. He creates drawings that usually incorporate a comical or humorous style. He has the good knowledge of creating 2D and 3D cartoon art for comic strips, advertisements, animated movies, video games and other media.

Usually in this industry, artist get recognition very slowly or say in years but, Toni has gained good reputation because of his unique talent and creativity. He specializes in drawing illustrations that expresses thoughts and convey stories through his imagination and humor. Since many cartoons are humorous, developing an idea may involve coming up with funny situations or jokes. Toni has that talent of giving the character a personality that comes through to readers. He has also created cartoons for many comic books. When asked about the fascination of creating different cartoon characters, Toni Kunac said, “It’s all about idea. Once you have an idea, you will begin brainstorming how to turn that idea into a cartoon. You have to give attention to the minute details so that the message you want to convey could be easily understood by the reader or viewer.”

Toni Kunac has the knowledge of basic drawing techniques and has a talent for creating visually appealing cartoons. In his free time, he also teaches students who are interested in drawing. He uses books and programs to teach them how to inculcate different artistic techniques.

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