Tools of the Trade
By: Nadia M. Carbajal

For the last week I have been learning about "Tools of the Trade" In my class of Information Technology. Down below you will be able to find information on the tools i have experience with.



-Design Cycle



Edmodo is an online networking application for teachers and students. Edmodo is basically Facebook but in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for school. Edmodo enables anyone to have within-class communication, and it also allows many ways for teachers to connect with other teachers. Edmodo provides quizzes and gives you many reminders on when homework is due and more upcoming events. is a go-to website that allows you to create an Information Graphics, also known as Info-graphics. Info-graphics are visual images of charts or diagrams used to represent data or information. This website lets you create so much while it being completely free. We used to display the IB Design Cycle as an info-graphic.


Remind is a very easy and useful way for teachers to communicate with their student without giving their actual phone numbers. The teacher may send the message through the remind website or they can even download the app and send the message through that. the students will then receive the messages either through text or email about due dates, upcoming events and so much more.  I recently used remind to receive messages from my teacher about new due dates.


Tackk is a useful website that enables you to create blogs, info-pages and much more. Tackk give you the ability to pictures,videos and music. Tackk also gives you a variety of fonts, backgrounds and pallets.

The IB Design Cycle

The IB Design Cycle helps people solve problems using technology. The Design Cycle has consistent methods and standards to solving problems. The Design Cycle is a better and quicker way to solve your problems.

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