Top 10 Death Defying Acts Done In An Air Show

Starting the month of March onwards, aviation schools, private institutions and government air force start to hold air shows. These events are open to the public and are fairly priced, thus, drawing thousands of spectators. However, attending these exhibitions is not encouraged for the weak-hearted people since they might be affected by the following death-defying air show acts.

Aileron roll. One of the most famous and highly dangerous stunts done in an air show is the aileron roll. In this act, the airplane can be seen rotating 360 degrees while flying horizontally.

Barrel roll. Creating an aerial helix is the goal of this technique. Seeing it from the ground, the audience watches in awe as the airplane rolls and loops to create the horizontal helix.

Loop. Tracing a perfect circle has never been as dangerous as it appears during an aviation exhibition when an airplane commences with a horizontal flight, smoothly glides upward, performs inverted flying, curves to the left and returns to its original flying altitude.

Cuban 8. This stunt showcases the pilot’s ability to maneuver the airplane in shaping the number 8 in the sky. What makes this stunt difficult even for experienced pilots is the repeated performance of smooth curves through alternate inverted and upright flying to create the double loops of the eternity figure.

Half Cuban 8. A halved version of the Cuban 8, this act still appears breathtaking for the audience especially when the airplane performs an inverted descent while curving smoothly. Some pilots even opt to further impress the viewers by stopping on the inverted position for several seconds.

Hammerhead. Seeing an airplane to flip-flop instantly after a very fast flight is certainly a jaw-dropping act. This is what a hammerhead aerobatic does as it cartwheels in the sky, an event that reminds the public of what it would feel like to watch airplanes falling from the sky.

Squad formation. Group exhibition is also featured during air shows. In this act, four to five airplanes perform synchronized techniques like loops or aileron roll. Afterwards, the group may form the V-flying position to mimic the flight design of birds. From this arrangement, the airplanes may spread and congest to showcase a pumping motion.

Plane race. If car racing is already causing heartaches to some, they should wait until they witness fast-speed plane racing. In this air show event, jet planes race to a certain coordinates in the sky, turns and return to the starting location. Such kind of competition is very thrilling to watch since the jets leaves a trail of smoke as it speeds up to the end point and back.

Parachute jump. Aside from flying their planes, some pilots also showcase their parachuting skills during air shows. The danger of the exhibition is further accentuated once the jump is executed after a complex aerobatic like hammerhead or Cuban 8. Of course, the pilot who will do the parachute jump is the reserve pilot and not the main one who is actually flying the aircraft.

Airstrike demo. Last but definitely not the least, an upgrade to air shows is the inclusion of airstrike demonstration. While the act already sounds dangerous based on its name, the audience should wait until they witness on-site dropping of fake bombs for them to realize the fear of being subjected to an airstrike.

Air shows are highly amazing yet heart-stopping events. Preparing to attend one should therefore include mental and emotional readiness in order to condition the heart and mind in witnessing dangerous acts.