Top 10 Financial Advisors in India: 2014

From financial planners to financial advisors, there are many qualified experts and firms in the field which are known to provide their services to various investors across the country. Very often, investments that are made in mutual funds are the most common financial activity engaged in by investors so as to reap as many profits as possible. Every investment entails a different amount of risks with it and financial advisors are those experts in thefield who can help you find the right fund so as to match your needs.

Some of the top 10 financial advisors in India include:

  1. Bajaj Capital: One of the best investment advisory firms in the country, Bajaj Capital provides financial advises regarding investments that are made in mutual funds, real estate, bonds, pension, IPO’s, post office schemes and portfolio management.
  2. B. T. S. Investment Advisors: A private equity and venture capital arm of the BTS Belvoir Trust AG is located in Switzerland, but has an additional office in Mumbai. The firm provides valuable and resourceful information to Indian enterprises and has even gained a reputation of being a benchmark financial advisor for Indian firms and foreign investors.
  3. D. S. P. Merrill Lynch: A subsidiary of the bank of America Corporation, D.S.P. Merrill Lynch has its operational offices in Mumbai. One of the most reputed investment advisories; it is a leading trader and underwriter of securities. Besides this it also serves as a strategic advisor to firms, governments, institutions and individuals.
  4. Kotak Private Equity Group: Also known as K.P.E.G. Kotak Private Equity Group is one of the leading equity firms in India. Their main aim is to help emerging, mid-size firms and corporations to develop as industry leaders. The firm specialises in providing both strategic support and equity capital.
  5. Money Control Financial Advisors: Money Control is one of India’s leading financial information sources. It is well-known for providing premiere end-to-end business and finance portal for investors.
  6. Financial Advisors – DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds: One of the premiere asset management companies in India, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers have a skilled number of experienced investment professionals who use a disciplined approach by making use of sophisticated analytical tools.
  7. Unit Trust of India Investment Advisory Services: A wholly owned subsidiary of Unit Trust of India, the main aim of this firm is to mobilise savings and channelise them in the growth and development of various industries.
  8. Go 4 Advisory Services: Part of the Go 4 Group, Go 4 Advisory Services in involved in the financial dealings of stock broking and technical analysis of stocks in India. This firm specialises in business analysis, stock of information and intelligence.
  9. P. N. Vijay Financial Services Private Limited: A firm which is known for providing comprehensive, dynamic and experienced wealth management services. Besides this, it provides portfolio management.
  10. River Bridge Investment Advisors: Aiming at bridging the gap between aspiring corporates and investors, River Bridge Investment Advisors offers a wide range of services which include acquisition, capital raising, strategic relationships and financial advisory services.