Top 10 Mutual Funds to Look Out in 2014

Investments in stock market have always attracted masses. However, many prefer to play it safe by investing in mutual funds. Investments in mutual funds have always been known to be risky, since the underlying instruments are mostly equities. But, with the rise of bonds and debts schemes, investors are now able to leave a sigh of relief.

There are several mutual fund companies or AMCs in India. Many of them are known to launch different investment schemes, to match the risk appetite of investors. You are now given an option to choose high performing funds, moderate funds, debt mutual funds, ELSS funds, tax-savings funds, and many more, for channelizing your investments.

Before you research and find the best of the schemes,

1.  DSP Black Rock Top 100 Equity Fund

DSP has managed to perform to its name with this scheme. The underlying instruments used are equities from large capital companies in the Indian market. Apart from hefty dividends, the stocks of these companies are known to perform well. Hence, investment in this scheme is advisable.

2.  HDFC MIDCAP Opportunities Fund

There is a popular notion in market that MIDCAP companies offer good movement along with better dividends. This fund is the best in market when it comes to aggressive investments.

3.  Reliance Equity Opportunity Fund

The brand power of Reliance still plays magic in finance world with this scheme. The stocks chosen are from different sections, so the yield is moderate, but assured.

4.  Axis Long Term Equity Fund

This is the best ELSS scheme available in the market, which offers dual-benefit of tax-saving and attractive returns. Investment in this scheme is a boon to your portfolio.

5.  Templeton India Ultra Short Bond Fund

Made specifically for the conservative investors, who look out for better liquidity in investments