Top 3 Most Popular Sky Adventure Sports

There are a number of adventure sports out there for you to try and many of them are more than the scary good times you will ever have. So here is the list of topmost extreme sky adventures that will spike your adrenaline a little more than say, your normal workouts:

1.Sky Diving - Also known as parachuting, it is a sport in which the athlete jumps off the plane at a certain altitude and perform acrobatic movements while free fall. Then they open up the parachute to slow down and land the earth safely. The airplanes climb up to an altitude of 7000 to 15000 feet before letting the jumpers out and the free fall stands lasts in about 45 to 80 seconds depending upon the altitude of the airplane. The jumpers usually reach the speed up to 210 kmh. The skydivers must always check their gears; if everything is ok also they should carry an extra parachute. It can be done individually or with a group of people.

2.Paragliding -Para gliding is the simplest form of air flight. Para gliding is a sport that helps a human to fly easily and comfortably. An inflatable wing and harness is used to experience this free from flying. Para gliding wings is a fabric that consists or airfoils and small holes in the leading edge for the air to enter aerate and pressurize wings. The harness in which pilot is being secured acts like a seat during the flight. The pilot is suspended below the wings made up of multiple lines. This provides the pendulum effect and gets stables after reaching a certain altitude. Para gliding is accessible for people of all ages. Paragliding is the most classical sport in terms of extreme sports and as with any aviation has inherent risk. Para gliding is a unique sport which offers excitement, beauty and a kick to your adrenaline which leads you towards relaxation. A Para glider steers the wings by weight shifts and application breaks are also available which can changes it shape of its rear edge of the wing.

3.Sky Surfing: It is a team parachuting each team consist of two athletes. A sky surfer rides a specially designed sky board during the free fall sliding, twisting and surfing in the sky. So this is the only place where you can fly your body into three different dimensions that are up-down, left-right, backward and forward. The sky surfer’s skill are much more parallel to freestyle sky diving whose disciple perform various gymnastic stunts during the freefall, it is not a whole other a ball game, its whole other sport if we talk just about adding the board.