Top 5 Beans that will Suit Your Coffee Maker

Once you are able to buy your coffee maker, the next consideration is to decide which coffee beans to use. At first, you may think that shopping for these beans is easy. After all, you simply have to pick a bag of beans from your favorite store, right? Well, wrong! There are different kinds of coffee beans that you can use for your coffee makers.

Now, here are 5 of them:

1.  Robusta- This is among the most prominent beans in the whole world that it is used by 40% of coffee manufacturers. Sometimes, it is called as Canephora and many people are inclined to its taste. Most of these beans are found at Congo and it grows really well because it is less vulnerable to varying weather conditions.

​Robust​a Coffee

2.   Kona- This is another kind of coffee bean and it is somewhat expensive than the Robusta. Normally, it is grown in surrounding places of Hawaii. Although Kona is not very popular in terms of demand because of its expensiveness, but it is still one of the most preferred beans around in terms of taste.

Kon​a Coffee

3.   Arabica- This is the most popular around because it is used by an estimate of 60% of coffee manufacturers around. Arabica is found among large bushes. But because the beans are susceptible to disease and frost, they are costly. Most coffee shops use these and fits well with their coffee makers whether it is for espressos or for other coffee treats.

Arabica Coffee

4.   Green Beans- These are simply coffee beans that are not roasted, hence the color green. Its compound tends to appeal insects from eating the coffee fruits.

Green Beans Coffee

5.   Gourmet Coffee Beans- This kind comes with costa rice, volcanica, kona, and Jamaica blue mountain. Volcanica are normally grown among mountain slopes and they are nurtured by volcanic soil. The moisture coming from the cool climate tends to create a robust yet smooth flavor to the beans.

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Indeed, there are different kinds of coffee beans around. It is important to pick among them so you will be able to find exactly what you prefer. Remember that these coffee beans do not merely differ on their taste but on the kind of experience provided. To know more about the different coffee beans, you can visit websites like to get the information that you need. These websites don’t just sell coffee makers but provides buyers a one stop shop for their coffee needs.