Top 5 Grandest Limousine Service in Singapore

Singapore is known for elegance and sophistication. The delivery of this message is facilitated by the usage of impressive limousine services by the locals and international visitors. Five of the grandest limousine services that are continuous head-turners in Singapore are enumerated below.

Mercedes-Benz. One of the most recognized luxury brands in the world, a Mercedes-Benz limousine taxi service in Singapore truly lets a client stand out from the crowd. This exquisite sedan is highly suitable for business travelers who want to arrive at their meetings looking relaxed, formal and ready for the discussions. Manifesting such aura can be facilitated by securing this luxury sedan since it can let an executive director exude the leadership command that he or she wants to portray during the meeting. Because of this, foreign executives from Europe and America who attend conventions and contract signing in Singapore prefer this kind of limousine service.

Audi convertible. The design of a convertible is highly appreciated by the younger generation. This is because of the timeless yet hip design of a convertible that elicit the ‘wow’ reaction from the young working professionals. Because of this, an Audi convertible is the preferred limousine taxi service during special occasions like birthdays, bachelor parties, bridal showers and even company outings. Clients who are in the late 20's admitted that having an Audi convertible lets them set the right mood among the attendees for their event.

BMW Cabriolet. A BMW cabriolet fits perfectly during wedding services. Numerous brides in Singapore chose Cabriolet as their limousine taxi service that transports them from the hotel to their wedding venues. Being a famous bridal car, BMW Cabriolet is consistently seen among wedding videos of well known Singapore personalities and such trend persists even in the middle-class citizens of the city-state. Furthermore, families today even decide to hire separate cabriolets to cater to the travel needs of the entire entourage.

Maserati car. This very rare limousine service is only offered by a handful of limousine rental singapore companies. Such rarity spurs a demand among the elite who wants a Maserati for their corporate meetings. A notable entrepreneur is recently documented to book for a Maserati months before a company launching in order to ensure that this exotic limousine will be available for the launching. Fortunately, the usage of the Maserati helped spur the induction and has even helped to make the company name trend in the digital world for several days. Consequently, this event shows that a luxury car service can greatly help the marketing of a business in Singapore.

Mini cooper. Lastly, this cute but exceptional limousine service is another favorite during special occasions. Guests who want to make a statement during company anniversaries choose a Mini-Copper to exude a relaxed and sophisticated coupled with an outgoing aura. Using Mini Copper also lets a guest stand out during formal events where participants normally select dark sedans as their service.

This article showcased a list of the most rare and exquisite limousines that are being used in Singapore nowadays. Clients can also try one of these cars for their upcoming event to achieve a statement arrival that will be remembered by the rest of the participants.