Top 5 Notable Film Production Companies in USA

Film production companies are nowadays a booming industry. They are growing like mushrooms in the United States of America just like how filming locations are. However, there are companies that had been in the market for so long that they already became an institution when it comes to film production. They have also created and instituted many filming locations that have become tourist attractions like the Shire from Lord of the Rings.

To note some of these famous movie institutions, here are the top 5 companies that have made a mark in the filming industry.

1. DreamWorks. Established in the year 1994, the company works by producing and financing movies. Later on, it tied up with some of the major production companies. One of these is Viacom Group. However, after a couple of years, DreamWorks became independent.

2. Lions Gate Entertainment. This is one of the most successful studios that it not based in Los Angeles. The company was created in the year 1997. It also owned Artisan Entertainment. Lately, the company was renamed to Lions Gate and also owned Summit Entertainment, which is regarded to as one of the major studios today.

3. News Corporation. Known to be the company behind Fox Entertainment Group, News Corporation is also a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox. Under this company are Fox Faith, Blue Sky Studio, 20th Century Fox Animation, and Fox Animation Studios.

4. Comcast. This is the company behind Universal Pictures. Comcast is also the owner of Focus Features which focuses in producing independent movies. Comcast is so big that it owns 13.6 shares of the US and the Canadian markets. Some of the companies that are also under Comcast are Working Title Films, Illumination Entertainment, and Universal Animation Studios.

5. Walt Disney Company. This company controls about 14.3 of the whole North American market. The parent division is Walt Disney Studios. The movie production is made under Walt Disney Pictures. It is also the Walt Disney Company that owns the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Touchstone Pictures, and Disneynature.

There are other big names in the film production industries. These companies work hard in order to bring the latest and the most advance entertainment that people can take delight of, so their importance are beyond measure. They have also provided us with great attractions that are found in their filming locations both here in the U.S. and abroad. is also one of the most noted places up to date.