Top 5 Reasons Why Would I Invest In A Executive Condominium!

Executive Condominium living a trend nowadays. In fact, living in an EC gives more ease to our lives. In Singapore, ECs are considered as homes to its nationals and to foreigners who hub in. With the robust executive condo launches nowadays, arguments them are arising. One of the questions being asked is: Why then would you invest in an executive condominium?

Affordable. Many executive condominiums were originally designed to meet the needs of the fresh college graduate Singaporeans. As compared to the amount of house and lot packages, executive condominiums are a lot cheaper. These units are considered comfortably affordable due to its favorable floor area size and quality finishes.Many economists are quoting the psf between house and lot and executive condo.

Easy To Flip. As a part of the new property launched in Singapore, ECs exhibit a great potential as an investment. If you are thinking of investment, this is a big deal since after five years, you may already flip your unit to other Singaporeans and count 10 years and you may already flip it to foreigners regardless of their ethnicity. Another factor to add up is that with the economy of Singapore, more and more foreigners will come and move in; this again gives you more chances of flipping your unit.

Location. Since ECs are part of the new property launch in SG, expect that the locations of its towers are strategically placed in the places where everything can be seen. Thus, this gives you more than what you wish for: A good sized of unit located near various establishments that allow you to freely move around and does not limit you in a stationary status.

Better. Amenities in EC towers are expected to be held high since this new property launch in the public is made by private developers. Usually, swimming pools, gyms, multi-purpose halls and others can be seen in the tower. Moreover, materials are also of high standard so modifications and/or alterations are very minimal.

GROWTH AND RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Let us get it right. Hard end money must go to proper investments and so to mention that EC is a lot cheaper than the usual condominium. So to compare the psf, EC’s psf is around S$800 while condo’s psf is around S$1000. S$200 on hand return on investment is not that bad anyway. Once you sell your EC, the growth of its values has gone high and it you can still liquidate it in not too high price. Remember: It is still S$200 that you can put back in your pockets.

With all those mentioned above, EC offers you more a conventional way of living with ease. Not to mention the full privatization of your unit which you can do on the 11th year. Surely, more EC property will be developed and with the floor area size limit, more young Singaporeans can start investing and have their dreams come true.