Top 5 US Towns Where You Can See the Best Ever Christmas Celebration This Holiday Season

Most of the people plan to tour around the world, across different countries and states, but there are small towns and cities which are equally happening and attractive. Although they are less considered because most of the tourist guides focus majorly on the large cities and specific locations. If you are planning to choose USA tour packages this Christmas then we have listed some of the best towns in US which can make your Christmas more bright and colorful.

McAdenville, North Carolina: The McAdenville is a small town located just twenty minutes outside of Charlotte which gets into the full swing of Christmas celebration in the month of December. The entire town is decorated with colourful lights, the name of the village is specially changed to ‘Christmas Town USA’, and more than 6 hundred thousand people visit to enjoy and celebrate Christmas. More than 45000 lights are used to decorate the entire town including houses, trees, lakes, etc. The calm water lake of Christmas Town looks stunningly beautiful after the sun set with the reflection of so many lights. If you plan to visit during the Christmas then be among the first 1000 and do not forget to enjoy free hot chocolate and a kettle of corns.

Bernville, Pennsylvania: Since the 1940s, the Koziar’s Christmas village has been a one stop destination for a happening Christmas celebration. The perfect location where families gather, enjoy shopping, lip smacking cuisines and wonderful light decoration. You can enjoy different themes of Christmas like the Christmas beneath the sea, Christmas in a jungle and Christmas in another land. If you plan to choose a wonderful US tour packages during the winter season then do not forget to visit this small town and make the best of the holidays.

Ogden’s Christmas Village, Utah: Ogden, is a Christmas wonderland and a railway hub of the country. There are around 29 cottages in the town which has its own theme. The name of the cottages are also as per their theme like, the Elf workshop, Santa’s castle, Polar express, etc. The interesting themes will make your kids enjoy the most and spend memorable time with you. During your visit to Ogden remember to visit the Union Station and train museum.

Nevada City, California: The Nevada city is one of the famous cities in California. It is a calm and composed city less population of around 3000. The Nevada city has its own style of celebrating their Christmas which makes it a popular tourist destination. Their Victorian Christmas festival makes it worth visiting and enjoying. Known for the ancient architecture and buildings, Nevada Christmas festivals brings back those memories and helps you relive the history again with twinkling white lights, gas lamps, and people who sing the carols can be seen in Victorian apparels.

Branson, Missouri: The Branson town does not leave anything behind when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Apart from being part of the Christmas celebration, you can also enjoy roller coaster, shopping and lip smacking cuisines. More than 5 million lights are used to decorate the entire town and 1000 decorated Christmas trees. Music, lights, shopping and food is all around the town for entire Christmas season.

When you choose your USA holiday packages, you can visit the nearby town whichever comes under your route and enjoy the best Christmas ever. Do check the event calendar and weather forecast before visiting any of the locations. Keep us posted with your experience and let us know.