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Are Anti-Aging Face Creams Really Effective?

So many people now days spend a lot of time worrying about what they see when they look into the mirror. Although we have a tendency to live longer these days, it is still obvious that people are are concerned about effects of aging as much as they ever have been. According to Mark Twain, wrinkles indicate smiles from the past. However, most people are not comforted by that thought these days.

The cosmetic and anti aging cream industry, in just North American, has grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. In the years ahead, the industry is poised to expand even further as baby boomers keep battling against the aging process. Manufacturers of anti aging products are widely known for making very ambitious claims, promising to make your face appear years younger, and claiming their creams will give your skin a firmer appearance, make it glow and get rid of your age spots. Of course there is a price-tag that comes along with these promises of miraculous cures. Sometimes the price can indeed be quite high.

So is that jar of anti-aging face cream that you are considering purchasing really worth the price? Or is it merely lots of empty promises wrapped into an elaborate package and endorsed by famous celebrities? As you grow older, you get wrinkles, because as you age your body produces less collagen. It is a protein that makes your skin firm. Without enough collagen, your skin doesn't appear to be as youthful.

Smoking, combined with prolonged sun exposure, can significantly speed up collagen loss. That's why it is recommend that you protect your skin from the sun's rays and not smoke at all. However if you are not perfect, like most of us, how can you reverse the damage that your skin has already sustained?

To start with, let's review some of the more common ingredients found in anti aging face creams. That will help you understand precisely what you are slavering all over your skin each day.

Vitamin E and Green Tea
Vitamin E and Green Tea, are two excellent antioxidants. They help to prevent damage that the elements cause, which stops the formation of new wrinkles and sustains collagen levels.

Hyaluronic Acid
This ingredient efficiently absorbs moisture, which causes tissue under the wrinkles to plump up, which makes your wrinkles not as noticeable.

Hydroxy Acids
These ingredients work really well for exfoliating. Dead cells are removed so that newer skin is able to shine through. The anti aging cosmetics industry has started to use peptides due to their incredible healing properties through boosting collagen production.

Peptides go by many different names. However, the most common ones are copper peptides and pentapeptides. Look on anti again face cream labels and search for these names.

Retinol is a kind of Retin-A formulation. However, it is widely available over the counter, unlike Retin-A. Retin-A is also available in various strengths as a prescription. Retinoids are contained in it. They stop compounds from forming that would otherwise reduce collagen production. When these retinoids are used on a regular basis, they can trigger new collagen production.

However, it should be mentioned that if you are currently pregnant, then you should avoid taking the vitamin A base compounds. Retinol, out of all of the anti aging ingredients, is possibly the most significant in fighting against the effects of aging. Dermatologists frequently recommend it to reverse aging signs in the skin. Therefore, Retinol is one of the few non-prescription anti aging ingredients with scientific research to back it up.

Individuals who have used Retinol have reported that the number of skin blemishes and wrinkles caused by aging have been substantially reduced. A study was conducted at Michigan University in 2008. It was discovered that Retinol in the form of a topical application was one of the three most effective skin aging treatments. CO2 laser therapy and hyaluronic injections were the other two effective treatments. Hyaluronic acid injection treatments are not the same thing as hyaluronic acid cream. Hyaluronic acid cream is very beneficial, however the most effective way of using the ingredient is through injecting it under the first skin layers. The injection underneath the skin method is the most effective method for applying various other anti aging formulas as well.

Is Botox Effective?
Unfortunately, it still is true that although most people want to avoid having professional treatments done, it's still the most effective way to combat the anti aging process. This definitely doesn't mean that anti aging facial products are ineffective, because they definitely are. Finding a cream containing the ingredient Argireline in it is the best alternative option to professional treatment. It is another peptide that works similarly to the way that Botox does. Botox breaks the links down between the nerves and muscles. It causes relaxation and type of paralysis in muscle tissue. The paralysis causes tissues to completely relax, which results in wrinkles disappearing.

The ingredient Argireline also works very similarly to this as well, however it isn't quite as severe. All it does is block the connections between the muscles and the nerves, instead of breaking them totally the way that Botox does.

What this means is that the results you get from Argireline are not nearly as dramatic as the results you get from Botox. You might assume that the only thing you need to do is find an anti-aging cream loaded full of retinol, that has a few added bonus ingredients thrown into the mix. However, this isn't the best approach to take. Although anti aging cream packaging might emphasize that the product contains these ingredients, usually it is quite difficult to tell what amount of the ingredients the product contains.

It is all part of the mixture- the quantities of the various ingredients in proportion to each offer can significantly impact how effective the product is. It isn't just a matter of increasing the amount of Retinol in the product, since that could result in adverse side effects, like increased vulnerability to the rays of the sun and skin rashes. Many people have a tendency to smear large quantities of a new cream on their skin which ends up causing an irritation. It causes them to completely write off the cream.

How Fast Do The Products Work?

In order to really start seeing results from these products, you should allow 6 to 8 weeks at least for them to start to take effect. The label might promise it will make you appear younger in under 8 weeks. However, you should take that with a grain of salt. In addition, some disreputable anti aging face cream brands might try hiding the product's ineffectiveness by using a lot of complex scientific jargon. Search for packaging that is concise, straightforward and, most importantly, easy to understand.

When you start reading between the lines of those complex product labels, you will often discover even really expensive creams are merely glorified exfoliating moisturizers. Some of the manufacturers believe they can just confuse consumers by using a bunch of jargon and convince them that they're purchasing some sort of medicine. However, if these lotions and creams really were medicines, and actually changed your skin's structure, they would need to be classified officially as a drug. However, they are not . It take many years of expensive FDA approval tests in order to achieve drug classification. That's why doing your research pays off- to help make sure you buy exactly what you want and need.