5 steps to responsible drinking

You’re a regular drinker. You drink in the parties. And you drink at home. But, you know your limits, and thus you’re the one who enjoy the drinks, rather than ending-up with vomits and fights that you’d regret later. Here is a list of 5 steps that would help you derive more pleasure out of your favourite drink, while remaining responsible.

1. Eat something before you drink

Whether you’re holding vodka, a wine, or a whiskey, it’s an alcoholic beverage. And it’ll hit you more if you gulp the drink down on an empty stomach.

Always have something before you drink, whether you’re drinking at home or at a bar.

2. Sniff the drink, take a sip, and feel it

If you’ve been drinking for a long time, you know the rules. Bring the glass close to your nose, sniff the drink, and sip it. Let it be in your mouth for a while and then let it go inside.

Add water if you haven’t yet developed the taste for the drink. Add ice for a slight change in the flavor. And sometimes, try the drink neat.

3. Try out some quality drinks

It’s okay if you like a particular brand; but occasionally, you should try out some other International alcohol brands as well. These bottles won’t cost you a fortune; however, they are likely to greatly enhance your drinking experience. Don’t worry if you have no idea whatsoever as to which international alcohol brands you can try out. Speak to the bartender at the bar, or the man at the liquor shop. They are sure to have some tips up their sleeve for you.

4. Don’t compete with peers

Please understand that the purpose of drinking is to enjoy it, and not compete in some silly ‘drinking games’.

When you’re drinking at a bar, keep someone close who can drop you at home in case you end-up drinking more than you can handle.

5. Stop drinking if you vomit

Vomiting is a sign that your body cannot take any more drinks. Even after you feel good after throwing up, don’t take any more alcohol.

If you feel the urge to vomit, go to the washroom and do it; don’t try to hold it in. Through vomiting, your body throws up the alcohol that your body just cannot keep within.

We’re done with the steps to responsible drinking.

Last, but not the least, prefer international alcohol brands or top liquor brands in India.

Beginners should approach whiskey (and other alcohol beverages) in the right way. There is no harm in speaking with the bartender to understand the right way to drink whiskey, instead of ending-up with a sour experience. For more on International Alcohol Brands, top liquor brands in India, please read our other articles.

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