Top Male Pattern Balding Treatment

Male baldness treatments can be applied differently as they vary from medications to alternative options like tinctures and shampoos and surgical and non-surgical treatments. The choice is huge, but in reality, not all male baldness treatments give effects.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is new but effective male pattern balding treatment. As a sort of scalp tattooing, this treatments excludes the standard deep skin penetration present in normal tattooing. The color used for pigmentation can be easily matched with your natural hair color and have a buzzed hair style appearance.

However, there are people who tend to use alternative treatments  Many recipes for hair masks, tinctures and supplements are based on ingredients such as garlic, nettle, and the very popular Indian henna. Although no study has ever shown they work, there are known cases that prove that there might be minor positive effects.  From experts point of view, spend your time and money on something that is proven to work.