Top 5 Mobile Form Feature Every Form Builder Must Have

Since the past decade, we’ve been witnessing the evolution in forms. First paper forms then online web forms and now in the era of Smartphones, Mobile Forms. Mobile version of forms has been proven the most convenient option among them with the features like offline support, Integration, Workflow Support and much more. More and more industries are turning their online web forms into Mobile Forms. For the companies which are providing this solution and those who are looking for it here are top 5 features that you must consider:

Offline Support

When your field workers are doing a research in remote areas there is no point in having a form in your mobile if it doesn't work offline. It is essential that your app works even when it is accessed in low to zero network area. Even when you are in the process filling up a form or getting responses in a place where there is no internet connection you continue working on it and once the connection is back the submitted responses would be automatically sent to their existing back ends.

Workflow Support

Managing the accessibility of forms in different departments is very important. With workflow support, the administrator can control which form each team member can access. Hence creating Workflow and providing role-based accessibility became simple. Now the data will only go to the relevant people in the department.

Flexible Integration

Instead of re-entering the entire data into the new system you can integrate forms to your existing data flow to boost up efficiency. You can pre-populate fields from your database or set access permission. You can send your filled forms directly to your RDBMS, ERPs or legacy system.

Rich Media Capture

Enhance your data collection process with audio or video capture. You can simply take a picture of any damage or another issue point the problem out and send it to the responsible department for it also you can take customer’s feedback through audio and understand the problem faster.

Data Validation

Ensure data accuracy and eliminate errors through pre-populated fields and validation. This feature also allows the user to skip irrelevant question and save time with conditional logic. Plus you can add complex calculations and export Excel calculations into your form.

Apart from these primary features, there are many advanced mobile forms features available like Geo-tagging, Image annotation, E-Signature, PDF & Mail and much more to come. So sit, relax and take advantage of these remarkable features of Form Builder.

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