Reddit Top Upvoted Pictures from EU States in 2014

Sweden (7027): 'Ready to ride the border between Norway and Sweden'

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Bulgaria (6331): '2000 years old Thracian chariot with horse skeletons. Found in Bulgaria'

Denmark (5997): 'Axe with intact wooden shaft uncovered at Rødbyhavn, Denmark. Dates to the Stone Age, about 5,500 years ago.'

United Kingdom (5157): 'I have lived in North East England for 23 years. I have never seen even a hint of the Northern Lights.'

Portugal (5149): 'I stumbled upon this beautiful abyss while hiking near Lagos, Portugal'

Greece (4977): 'Parga, Greece'

Austria (4973): 'The view from my hotel in Austria.'

Italy (4878): 'The guy who did the Dante's Inferno sand sculpture just finished a new masterpiece in Italy...Hell.'

Czech Republic (4706): 'Prachov Rocks (Path to High Hrothgar), Czech Republic.'

Romania (4691): 'Walking back to a hotel in Romania.'

Germany (4683): 'Current beaver situation in Brandenburg, Germany.'

France (4662): 'Bikini Girl on the Boardwalk, France 1959'

Spain (4480): 'Menorca, Spain. Looks like the boats are flying.'

Finland (4414): 'Annual beer floating event in Finland.'

Ireland (4382): 'Sheep highway in Ireland.'

NetherlandS (4364): 'The Hovenring is a suspended bicycle path roundabout'

Belgium (4292): 'Bruges, in Belgium looks like a town out of some sort of a disney story.'

Croatia (4059): 'Croatia has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world (Krka National Park)'

Poland (4057): 'Poland at Dawn'

Estonia (3413): 'Soviet WW2 Tank With German Markings Pulled From A Lake in Estonia.'

Latvia (3332): 'Unusual light pillars over Latvia'