My Top 10 YouTubers

Ever since Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim became frustrated with not being able to find Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, (Seriously, that's how YouTube got started, what's this world coming to?) YouTube has been taking this world by storm. But, YouTube is more than a place to go "Oooh! That must've hurt!" No, there's a LOT more than that. There's some people who have dedicated themselves to making sure that YOU get your daily dose of TUBE. So, go ahead, explore this realm of the rock stars of YouTube.

#10: Epic Meal Time

Never before has there been an all-bacon hamburger. Never before has a turkey been stuffed with bacon and Jack Daniels. Epic Meal Time not only crossed the line of what you can eat. They hopped aboard the Crazy Train and blew right across it!

#9: The Gaming Lemon

With only 2,243,0978 subscribers, The Gaming Lemon is probably the most underrated YouTuber, and not many people know who he is. But those who do know him, love him. This guy will play anything from GTA to Scribblenauts, Amnesia to LBP. And with that English accent, it's hard NOT to love him.

#8: ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History)

Ever wonder what a rap battle between Abraham Lincoln and Chuck Norris would look like? You probably haven't, but these guys have. In fact, they've acted out rap battles between the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, and the Ghostbusters and the Mythbusters. It seems like the only thing they haven't done is real rappers.

#7: The Fine Brothers

How do you think your grandparents would react to viral videos like The Duck Song or Dramatic Chipmunk? How about your kids? Teen? Maybe your favorite YouTuber? Say hello to The Fine Brothers, the ultimate go-to if you want to know how people would react. They bring in people from all different places, show them a video of some sort, and they REACT, usually resulting in laughter from you.

#6: The Game Theorists

Who knew that a degree in Physics and a love for gaming could be so... AWESOME. The Game Theorists apply Science, Math, and History to games in order to blow our minds. Want to know what a Minecraft Creeper is? They got ya covered. Want to know if Mario has ASPD? Done. And they always end it with a "But hey, that's just a theory!" The Game Theorists are indeed the smartest show in gaming.

#5: Good Mythical Morning/Rhett and Link

It's the perfect story. Two kids with odd names met in first grade and became best friends. They remained best friends all the way up to adulthood, and decided to make two totally EPIC YouTube channels! Both family men with wives and kids, it's no surprise that after Rhett and Link have given us famous last words, showed us how bad the YouTube subtitles are, and sung about black people and white people can buy furniture, that we've made them into our daily morning routine.

#4: NigaHiga

Who could forget the first time they heard words: TEEHEE! NigaHiga, (aka Ryan Higa) is an ADHD-induced, rubber-faced, spikey-haired, and absolutely AMAZING YouTuber. Not only is he always ready to make you laugh, but he's also always ready to share his personal information. He also loves to help other YouTubers with their videos and show US that our expectations aren't always the reality.

#3: Tobuscus/Toby Turner/TobyGames

Whoa! A 3-in-1 PACKAGE! Toby Turner is a man of many talents (Guitaur, singing, acting, comedy, impersonations, etc.) and there's so many of many things to watch him do. (Rants, Games, Vlogs, Cute Win Fail, Literal Trailers, Cartoons, Music Videos, Trapped in videos, etc.) He's a one of a kind genius who interacts with characters like his dog, Griffin, his friend, Gabuscus (There's a pause), a randmon kid, Timmy, and a Miniature Minotaur. He also gets REALLY stressed out while playing video games.

#2: Smosh

One of the very first YouTube channels, the comedy duo Smosh, (Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox) is not afraid to make fun of anything, from the crappy products of Apple to their own hairstyle. Not only is there their original channel, but there's also Smosh Games, El Smosh, Smosh France, Smosh 2nd Channel, and Shut Up! Cartoons. With every Friday comes a new misadventure, some of the classics include All Food Battles, That Damn Neighbor!, and The Legend of Zelda Rap.

Honorable Mentions

Jenna Marbles

Shane Dawson

Mystery Guitaur Man

#1: PewDiePie

Was there ever any doubt? PewDiePie (aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is by far the greatest YouTuber EVER! And with 35,642,395 subscribers and counting, it's hard not to see why. He's been around since the dawn of YouTube, and what's astonishing, is that he only has ONE CHANNEL. One channel, and he STILL dominates the completion WORLDWIDE. But of course, he also includes other channels like Tobuscus, Smosh, and NigaHiga. He loves his Swedish bros, his English bros, and his American bros all the same. Besides, even if I were a Sweden-hating jerk, I could never resist watching this guy do his thing