Metro Train: "Dumb Ways to Die".

In November 2012, Melbourne's Metro Trains launched a new campaign, to underline the message, that people must be safe around trains, because one of the dumbest ways to die is to get hit by one.

Commercial was Everywere

Metro didn't want a typical gloom-and-doom public service ad, so they decided to created the "Dumb Ways to Die" song and video with hilarious lyrics and funny, iconic characters. Only a week after being quietly uploaded onto YouTube, a beautifully animated advertisement has become one of the most shared videos of the week globally. Also, within 24 hours song reached the TOP 10 chart of iTunes


Also, Metro Trains created a mobile app game, that encouraged players to be safe around trains. "Dumb Ways to Die" game became the number 1 app in 53 markets. Melbourne's Metro Trains used posters, ambient displays, an educational book for students and cuddly toys based on the characters as well.

Ways to be the Best Commercial...

Campaign tapped into two elements that are loved almost universally: catchy music and cute cartoon characters. Metro Trains add some really black humor and advertise it correctly with some groundbreaking ways. As s result, commercial connected so well with the people and became one of the best commercial of 21st century.

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