Topaz Mineral Project

By: Amy Him, Block 7

What is a Mineral?

A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic, definite chemical composition, crystalline structured, solid substance.

Properties of a Mineral!

Properties of Minerals are hardness, form, structure, diaphaneity, special properties, fracture, cleavage, streak, luster, and color.

Hardness-8 (Moh's Scale)

Hardness is how easily an mineral can be scracthed.

Form- formed when fluid vapors turn into igneous rocks

Form is how it was made.


Structure is always Crystal or it wouldn't be a mineral.

Diaphaneity- Transparent

Diaphaneity is how transparent or opaque it is.

Special properties are different for each mineral.

Fracture/Cleavage- Perfect

Fracture or Cleavage is how many times it can be cut in half.

Streak- White

Streak is the color of the mineral when it is powdered.

Luster- nonmetallic

Luster is how much light reflects off the mineral.

Color-Colorless, yellow orange, red-brown, light to dark blue, pink-red, red, violet, light green

Color is the first property you notice.

Special Properties!

Taste- If it is edible then it has a taste.

Radioactivity- If it has radioactivity in it it has this property.

Magnetic- If it attacks magnets then it is magnetic.

Double Refraction- If you can see double through the mineral it has double refraction.

Acid Test- It is how it reacts to acid.

Fluorescence- If a mineral can glow under a ultraviolet light it is fluorescent.

Smell- If it smells strong then it has this special property.

The mineral Topaz has the special property of fluorescence because it can glow under a ultraviolent light.

Fun Fact!

Topaz can be found in the United States, South America (Brazil), or even Europe (Germany and Russia).


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