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(For anyone who loves top gear. And the color purple.)

For those who don't know what top gear is...

Top Gear is simply a car show. 3 presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May A.K.A (captain OCD or Captain slow), test cars, do car adventures like, go to india for a british trade mission or go to america to see if America has the greatest road in the world (which fails). Anyway come here to see daily posts or watch Top Gear on BBC 2 or watch it on BBC America.

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Good news! actually, GREAT NEWS! New season of Top Gear Jan. 27 2013! Or for people in america it's Feb. 7 2013, but YAY! Please add your comment to share your opinion.

As you may expect, I am a HUGE car geek.If you game me a paper with a picture of a car on it, there will be a 99.9999994% I will get it correct.

My absolute favorite episode of Top Gear is when all 3 made a convertible people carrier. The challenges the producers gave to them were reach 100mph without collapsing, go through a petting zoo of lions and monkeys an finally go through a car wash. Afterwards the car wash caught on fire. Please post a comment for your opinoin.

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