Where in the World?

Have an eye for photography or art? Are you an avid athlete who loves your sport? No matter where in the world you are or what you are looking at you will see lines and angles. Angles are everywhere in your life maybe you just need to look a bit closer!

Your Task

Choose something in your life to look at with a different lens. You can choose your favourite pastime, artwork, go to local hot spots, your home, or your school. Those are just a few ideas, really the choice is yours. What your job is once you have your 'subject' is to show the variety of angles and lines that are present. You will need to create a presentation that includes:

-photos that you have taken or you have ethically obtained                                                         -clear labels on the photo showing what type of angle or line is represented                           

Each of the following need to be represented. One concept per image please. You will also need to include a definition of each angle and the reasoning why the particular image represents the angle or line defined.

-congruent alternate interior angles                                                                                                 -same side interior angles                                                                                                                   -congruent alternate exterior angles                                                                                                 -non-congruent alternate interior angles                                                                                         -congruent corresponding angles                                                                                                       -pair of parallel lines                                                                                                                             -pair of perpendicular lines                                                                                                                 You MAY also INCLUDE: different types of angles

How you choose to curate your images and descriptions is your call! Create a cool slide show using Prezi/Google Slides/etc., a Tackk like this one, a Glogster, PicMonkey (a chrome app) or use a tool you want. As long as it shows your uderstanding of lines and angles and follows the criteria up above!