ST#1: Top 10 Books You Should Read

If you haven't read them already, that is.

#1 The Ascendance Trilogy by
Jennifer A. Nielsen (Completed)

New Book Series: The Mark of the Thief ---> Comes out February 24, 2015

#2 The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer (Ongoing)

4th. Book Installment: Winter --> Comes out November 2015

#3 The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gaiman (Completed)

Movie Adaptation of the Book ---> Coming Soon

#4 The Amulet
by Kazu Kibuishi (Ongoing)

***If you like the spectacular work from the most Awesome Animation Director ever,  Hayao Miyazaki, then you'll love this series. Movie Adaptation of this series may/may not happen.***

#5 The School For Good And Evil by
Soman Chainani (Ongoing)

3rd. Book Installment: The Last Ever After--> Comes out November 2015

Movie Adaptation of the Book ---> Coming Soon

#6 Lawn Boy by
Gary Paulsen (Completed)

#7 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
by Rick Riordan (Completed)

Movie Adaptation of first two books are out on DVD. No word on if there will be anymore Percy Jackson Movies.

#8 The Willoughbys by
Lois Lowry

Back when people knew Lois Lowry wrote chapter books.

#9 The Maze Runner by
James Dashner

Movie is currently out on DVD.

# 10 A Monster Calls by
Patrick Ness

  • Movie Adaptation ----> Coming Soon {2016}
  • Audiobook for this book is read by Jason Isaacs AKA Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter films
  • **** Please read about this book  before reading it. You have been warned.****

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