Incorporating Literacy

Book release party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Books are power!

“The Power of Books” by Mladn Penev -- How can we harness the power of books?

How do you incorporate literacy in your classroom? In your schools? In your personal lives?

Book jigsaw

Enthusiasm about books

Reading committee

"What I am Currently Reading"


Understanding what's out there- nonfiction

Book that changed my life inscription - gift to freshmen from seniors

Naked Reading


A Book a Day

Some ideas:

  • Have a classroom library - we'll talk about grants later in this conference
  • Talk about books! Carry a book with you! PLEASE stop telling students you do not have time to read.
  • Build in pleasure reading time in your schedule
  • Start a class Goodreads account (
  • Use social media in your favor - a Tackk, Instagram or Twitter page to share books
  • Read aloud! Just because your students are older doesn't mean they don't like to be read to. Consider using high quality picture books to supplement your larger texts.
  • Make suggestions to your students. If your student enjoys reading Night, consider recommending The Book Thief
  • What about a big-read or other school-wide reading program?
  • Include thoughtful writing activities
  • Celebrate reading!

What else?