By: Nick and Jake

King Minos put Daedalus and his son, Icarus, in the labyrinth, but they escape. During the escape Icarus did not listen to his father and he ended up dying. After they escape King Minos tries to find them again. He gets slain while he is searching for Daedalus and his son.

Some morals of this story is listen to your elders and sometimes it is best to let things go. Icarus did not listen to Daedalus and he ended up dying. If he would have listen to his father he would have escaped and made it out alive. King Minos could not get over that Daedalus escaped, so he went out looking for him. While he was looking he was slain. If he would have let it go he would still have lived.

There is only one connection in this story. The island of Sicily is an island off the coast of Italy. Even today it is a very beautiful place to go. Crete was also an island included in the story. It is cool to think that Sicily and Crete were their back then and that it is still there today.

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