UMS Library Becomes a MakerSpace

When: During Lunch Shifts Session 1: Duct Tape Products 12/18- 12/22

When: Lunch Shifts
Sign up Monday-Tuesday

Session 1: 12/18- 12/22

Student need to sign up ahead of time during lunch shifts.  There is a limit of 20 people per lunch shift.  The library will be provide duct tape but students will need to provide other supplies or any additional designs up duct tape.  The workshop is student led, Students are on their own to explore, learn and create.  

But can I still come to the library if I"m not participating in the Makerspace Session?

The only people who will be able to come to the library at lunch shifts during a session include:

  •      Students who signed up for the Makerspace session and are participating in the session
  •      Students who wish to check out books or read quietly will be able to stop in the media center in the morning to get a pass to use the Media Center during lunch.

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