Jenna Rowatt GT 2014-2015

Today we did this ⬇️
City before pollution

City after pollution

The city is polluted by oil, gasoline, animal droppings, and leaves. I would have added borders.

I learned that pollution is a bog deal.

Green Roof

We made a something that worked but we would have added sand or dirt to make a more sturdier roof.

Permeable pavement

We built this to soak up runoff and understand it better. I would have made the holes much bigger to let the water better. I learned that runoff is not just something it is a big deal.

Foilville 2

We learned that runoff can really be a big problem with rivers. I really would have done nothing different. I learned a lot about pollution a dn how bad it is for the environment and the people.


We made a lot models and all of them had a different meaning. The first one was about concrete and how good it soaked in. The second one we built a city and see how well it work if stuff was blocking the pollution.

Bigshot camera

We built this camera from the scratch but we already had the parts provided.

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