A 10 Thunderbolt 2



The Fairchild Republic A-10 thunderbolt 2 is a plane invented in march of 1977. The A 10 was first used in the gulf war as Forward air control and ground attack aircraft.  It saved us in the Gulf war and it was a new way of fast transportation. Even though it was a good thing it was also a bad thing. It killed many people.


Although the A-10 can carry considerable disposable stores, its primary built-in weapon is the 30 mm GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling-type cannon. It shoots 3,500 rounds per minute and the gun all together with ammunition weighs 1,200 pounds. The A-10 was used in combat for the first time during the Gulf War in 1991, destroying more than 900 Iraqi tanks, 2,000 other military vehicles and 1,200 artillery pieces, making it by far the most effective aircraft of the Gulf War.

Other Uses

It also used a different kind of fuel; blend of JP-8 and Camelina-based fuel. It was also fitted with an armor to withstand 200 mph hailstorms.

STEM Technology

Science: The science of aerodynamics.

Technology: The headset to talk to the people on the radio.

Engineering: The engineering of the gun mechanics.

Math: The size of the nuts, bolts, and rivets, are the same.