Suitable Packaging Box to Keep Your Bread Fresher

When buying delicious food, we see different kinds of bread paper foldable box of different styles and materials. For some reason, many people may think bread boxes were supposed to be wood, and that some property of wood helped keep bread fresh. However, when you look into a cake store and look for a bread box, you may find that many are plastic and paper food box. Actually, paper bread box is the most widely used box to keep bread fresh. You may ask what kind of box keeps bread freshest. The answer is here.

It is known that bread is easy go stale. You may ask why? The truth is there is a chemical, starch retro gradation, changes in it. As soon as bread is removed from the oven, the structure of the starch molecules changes and it will begin to crystallize. This crystallization forces water out of the bread and the result is staling. In addition, the loss of moisture due to exposure to air may cause bread to go stale. Many people will choose store bread in refrigerator. Actually starch retro gradation occurs most rapidly at refrigerator temperatures. Therefore the fridge is your enemy when it comes to bread as it goes stale fastest in that environment. For those who swear by fridge storage, it does have one benefit – it delays the development of mold.
You will notice that there are many types of bread packaging in the market, including paper food box, plastic food box. Then what kind of box keeps bread freshest? You must be familiar with cling film which has been widely used to package foods. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. To package your bread, cling film is a good choice. Firstly, let the bread cool down completely before wrapping to avoid condensation. Afterwards, simply wrap cling film around the circumference of the bread in one direction. During the wrapping progress, you should do it from bottom to top. Then turn the bread 90 degrees and wrap plastic around it from that angle as well. In order to make the entire loaf is covered, you need to smooth the cling film down and inspect it visually.
In addition, paper is the most widely used package material in modern society. If you don't like cling film due to environmental and health concerns, you can try recycled wax or butcher's paper. You just need to wrap the paper around the bread like wrapping a gift. In addition, you need to prepare some twine or ribbon to tie the wrapping in place.
After learning the information above, you must know what kind of gift packaging box keeps bread freshest.