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Based on the feedback from the Technology PD Form filled out from the Science Department November 2014.

Brain Pop  has activities that students can do individually  and you can track  their progress  and get a grade as well using this feature. Once your students are set up to have their own accounts. Using the district username and password will not allow these benefits. There is soo  much more to Brain pop aside from the whole group instruction lessons. If you are interested in learning more. Please RSVP down below.

You can use the student computers if you have them available in your classrooms.

You can reserve an available time in the LMC to use the chromebooks with your class. Please see Ms. Wardsworth for more information.

Reserve the Star Lab only during periods where there is no Enrichment.

You can email me if you are interested in reserving open periods in the Star Lab and I will provide you with the procedure

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