Quadratic Formula

Digital Poster for Math III
with Mr. D. Kirkland

We use the quadratic formula to solve for the x-intercepts. They are also called solutions, zeros, answers, and roots.

We can find quadratic parabolas at the doctor's office.

We can find a parabolic blood pressure cuff at the doctor's office.

We can also draw a diagram on the examination table using keys, lanyards, and dry erase markers.

If a cannon shoots a projectile from 9 feet off of the ground and the parabolic flight path is modeled by h = -16t^2+85t+9, how long does it take for the cannon ball to land?

We can use the quadratic formula!

We need more paper.

These are buttons that will take you back to Pearson Success Net or Math XL for School in order to review the cannon problem in section 3.5.

This is where the cannonball landed. This is Cannonball, Colorado.

Dear Rocky Mount Family Medical Center,

I am deeply sorry to discover that dry erase markers are slightly permanent on examination tables. Thank you for the large amount of isopropyl alcohol and gauze that I used to scrub most of the marker that bled through the paper. Please forgive my ignorance and allow me to call back to see if you want me to purchase any Goo-Gone. My insurance will probably not cover the examination table. Thank you.

This is Tackky! Please don't send any money. What do you think I should do?

I did call Rocky Mount Family Medical Center and asked to compensate them for my irresponsible vandalism. They said that it was okay and not to worry about it. The table was cleaned.

do you know the quadratic formula?