My Summer in 3 Pictures

Summer 2014 was a pretty awesome one for me! Photo number one shows me in my absolute favorite place - Disney World. My family and I visited for a week in June and made so many memories! I have a YouTube channel and vlogged the entire experience. The link is below! Secondly, I worked at my local DQ 5 or 6 days a week. It was basically my second home. I was even there on my days off (as shown in the second picture above with my little sister!) This was my fourth and final summer working there! Lastly, my summer would not have been complete without tea. Tea is my favorite thing ever, and I'd say I drank approximately 4968309685690 cups throughout the past 3 months ... Some other highlights include going to a Florida Georgia Line concert with my friends and going to our local fair.

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3 years ago

Here's 3 photos from my instagram (madisonmarielovestea) that sum up summer 2014! :) #PALCS #MyRockingSummer #BTS