Day One

Hello my name is Tomas smith. I am a union solder I am in the war to pay a debt. I have a wife and two kids. The younger one is my son and he is 5 and my little girl is 7 years old. I am form Chicago Illinois. My home is like every other solders home.

Day two


Have you been whipped.

Nope. What about you? Ive been through the mill here in the army camp. A ton of fresh fish are coming in soon.

Are you played out.

Yes! Its hard case around here. luckily i'm as fit as a fiddle!


thats good.

want some Goobers?

Sure. My bread basket is grumbling. Is your bed snug as a bug? ‘cause i know mine isnt.

Here is some Goobers POSSUM and no mine isnt either.


the skunks have been fit to be tied lately because of the fresh fish. They don't know what their doing.

Do you have any Graybacks or seen any.

No, but one of the spies saw one one of them.He stole his greenbacks.

Do you want to grab a root

ya. those goobers didn’t fill me much.

The Skunks are TIGHT. so we can go grab a root.

Day 3

Dear wife,

I am in camp and there are drills  are the most annoying because we have to have 100 men get there guns reedy to shoot  time. No one is in sink. Also there are cruel punishments like wearing a barrel all day or holding a log and walk around as guards all day. Those are just a few of the cruel punishments.

Not a morning person

Day four

Interview question 1

Me: Jeremiah, when you chose to Go with your brother, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I did not want to be at home wondering what happened to him

Interview question 2

Me: Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: Being with my brother and fighting for my side.

Interview question 3

Me: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: Me and my brother going onto the train.

Interview question 4

Me: Jeremiah, What happened to you and your brother.

Jeremiah: My brother died at the second battle of manassas.

day five

When we head down south we will win. We will win today. We will win today. We will win toady! Ha ray! Ha ray!  No mater were they go we will stop them. Ha ray! Ha ray! Will not stop until they are stopped. Ha ray! Ha ray! We will stop them at there camps. Ha ray! Ha ray!

some friends playing cards

day six

Dear wife,

at camp we get free time so when we get free time me and some men gamble. Others watch two animals fight each other for fun. We gamble behind the officers backs. Some times I will right letters to you. But it's hard to when the ink I have is running low.

this is me and my team at battle

Day seven

today my friend Thomas is in the infirmary. he is sick and has diarrhea. I do not think he will make it  is losing  liquids fast. All I can do is hope that the will make it. The thing that would have made him sick would be the hardtack. There were worms in the hardtack he ate.

Day 8

I just got home. I do not think I will the same ever again. No one will be able to understand what I when threw. The only people who understand are the solders that were with me. My friend I made in the war is my neighbor. All I hope is that there is not another war.

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