Last Chance

Zackery sat on a chair in the waiting area of a hospital, thinking whether he should be doing this. "It has been so long. I wonder if she even remembers me..." A nurse then came out of the ward "You may enter." Zackery nodded and went inside the room.

There on the bed lied a frail old woman crippled with age. Machines surrounded her from both sides and various chemicals connected to her to sustain her fleeting life. Her eyes were closed, if it weren't for the machines people would've mistaken her to be dead. Even her breathing was so light it could barely notice.

Zafros walked to her side and stared at her. Pulling a chair to sit on, he then touched her wrinkly hand and lightly held it. "Claire... Claire Monroe" He whispered to her. The elder woman's eyes opened slowly and turned her head towards the young man. She didn't speak but just stared at him with distant eyes. Zackery took Claire's hand and lifted it to his cheek, teary eyed and voice cracking, he spoke "I-It's me, Claire...I've come home." Claire blinked and began to open her mouth to say something. "...Zackery?"

Zackery silently sobbed, his tears fell on her hand. Claire felt the warmness in her palm "...Why are you..." She inhaled into her oxygen mask. "...Crying?" She asked him with those worry filled eyes, as if it was he who was about to perish. "C-Claire...I'm sorry" He whimpered. "It's...alright, Zack." She consoled her weeping companion. "You haven't... Changed a bit... In all these years." She muttered.

Zafros hung his head low and just feeling the aged hand. Reminiscing the memories when Claire was still young, when her hair of silver was still golden, when her hand was still soft and smooth, when she had the cleverness of a con artist but now, she's old. Time has corroded her mind, stolen the color of her curls and marked its presence onto her skin.

He knew she didn't have much time. "Zack..." Claire called. Zackery looked at her with watery eyes. "Yeah?..." Claire whispered "Let's go... Have a picnic... Tomorrow." Zackery smiled sadly. "Of course, Claire... Then we'll go to a flower shop and buy those white orchids you love... Does that sound good?" She only replied with a nod to him and smiled. "I look forward to it..." As of that, she slowly closed her eyes, still smiling. The heart beat monitor beeping began to go slower and slower. Zackery ran his hand into her silver hair then leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. "I look forward to it too..."

A long monotoned beep of the machine filled the room as Zackery sat back to his chair. "I love you..."

I wish I could write more than this ;u; Keep writing.