A 20 y.o. Girl's Inspiring Message To Young Entrepreneurs

Tackk has always been a place when young people share their ideas and inspirations. Yet, I struggle to find my own type in here. I am a young driven individual who believes that with a good pitch, every idea can be turned into a successful start-up.

There is no dream too big to become reality

Maybe because I'm a business student or because it I grew up in a family of small shop owners, entrepreneurship has always been part of my life. It has build my personality and created the person I am today. I will lie if I told you my ideas have gotten any traction at all. I am a dreamer and when I dream ( which is slightly often ) I dream BIG. I imagine I am selling this great product I'm really passionate about. In my mind, I try building this utopian world where my business suddenly gets hundreds of followers and turns into a million-dollar deal. Guess in real life, things won't do go the way I expect them to.

Contrary to my previous beliefs, great entrepreneurs are not one-time deal makers. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world have actually failed miserably at least 10 times before they got it right and made their first $10k. This gets me thinking... What if overcoming my fear of failure was the biggest first step I could make into the business world?

That's why, next week, I'm going to start a new journey into becoming a successful entrepreneur. I will write down each and every start-up idea I want to dive in. Including my wild obsession over fluffy stuffed animals and my crazy idea to invest in a cleaning franchise business. Every idea deserves to be tried out before we label it as a disaster. I truly believe someday my dreams will become reality, but until then, I need to act. I need to be a DOer. And so do you!

If you, like me, have this insane idea for a business but you're scared of facing the consequences of a big, fat failure...

Or your friends are probably thinking you must be out of your mind to get out of life's rail road with a new idea, instead of chasing a well-paid 9-5 job in a big corporation...

Just remember you're not alone. Even if nobody supports your cause, know that I have your back and I am here to tell you there's nothing better than trying!

About Me

My name is Veronica and I am a dreamer, believer and optimist. I trust my instincts and believe in the greater good. I know success is just a step away when I'm trying too hard just to make the world a better place. Among my other hobbies and interests, I pride myself to be a self-taught graphics designer and gardening enthusiast.

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Guys, it would mean the world to me if you share your opinion and give me feedback. I've always wanted to write this and share it with other creative like you and me. So, go on, tell me what you think even if you need to get out of the "Always-Be-Polite" box.

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