United Kingdom Candies

Do you like candy?  Well, so do i!  I guess were both in luck for a sweet treat!!   Can anyone guess what it is?  Continue reading to see what the UK (United Kingdom has in store...)

Yea, we all know alot of people live in the UK, but what about alot of candy?  A lot of people (but mostly kids) get dessert after dinner or lunch, but you know what they grab the most?  candy!!  But of course candy is popular, so lets find out about it......

Cakes and cookies

Sure the UK has alot of candy, and also cakes and cookies.  Thats what this paragraph is all about.  So we will be talking about the least popular flavors and the most popular flavors!  Here are the least popular cakes: Babka, bacca dimontago cake, and butter cake.  Here are the most popular cakes: Sponge cake, panettone, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, yellow cake, and wedding cake.  The most popular cookies are: snicker doodle, chocolate chip, chocolate toffee cookies, double chocolate (or chocolate chocolate) cookies, raisin, oatmeal, and oatmeal raisin.  The least popular cookies are: Mexican wedding cake, fruitcake cookies, rainbow cookies, and strawberry cheesecake cookies.

Candy companies

We also have some questions about candy companies originally created in the UK, and what they make.  One company is mars.  They make chocolate bars and just plain chocolate.  So mars is a chocolate company.  The next one is mondelez, they also only make chocolate.  And then there is Nestle.  Nestle makes cereals, yogurt, and chocolate.  Yum!  Also there is Hershey's, and i think we all know what they make.  CHOCOLATE!  The most popular candy companies are Hershey's and haribo.

Soft candy

Yes, we are on the soft candy category.   The most popular types of soft candy are gummy candies and skittles.  You would probably consider skittles as hard candy, because of their hard shell.  Well you know, its not just the hard shell.  Theres soft INSIDE of it.  Also gummy candies are a tough one.  Well, when you want to know about gummy bears, come to this Tackk!  Anyways, here's something i bet you never wondered about.....  Hard candy is very popular, but soft candy is too.  But which is more popular?  Many people say hard candy is better, or soft candy is better, but that's just matter of opinion.  The most bought is soft candy.  SO technically, soft candy actually IS better......

Hard candy

Now your on the hard candy category.  Hard candies, such as peppermint, are very bad for you.  It affects your teeth in ways you don't even understand.  Many people don't think twice about sucking on sugary candies all day long.  By doing so, you are putting your teeth under constant attack by tooth decay.  Now your going to learn about what you put in hard candy when you make it, and how to make it.  Hard candy is composed of large sugar crystals.  So hard candy is a giant sugar crystal.  Now you know!  To make homemade hard candy: You need warm water and sugar.  Then just stir it.  Theres a little more to it, but ill let you figure that out yourself.

So know you know about United Kingdom candies!  I hope you enjoyed, and maybe you can write your own facts about United Kingdom candies!!


united kingdom: A different country.

UK: united kingdom.

sugar crystals: a type of candy back in the 1900's that was used as medicine and it was before large hard candy was made.

tooth decay: bad things that makes your teeth dirty and it makes them rot.

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