The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Esmeralda Serrano

Before reading The Gardener, I thought that the book was going to be about a garden or about a green house.

Evolution is a gradual development of something  especially from a simple to a more complex form. In The Gardener, evolution is important because the are watching them grow and develop on there own.

A heterotroph is an organism deriving its nutritional requirements from complex organic substances. In The Gardener, heterotroph is important because the kids are trying to survive by making there own food.

Photosynthesis is a plant that uses sunlight to make its own food. In The Gardener, photosynthesis is important because they feed on the sun light.

Autotroph are organism that are able to form nutritional organic substances such as carbon dioxide. In The Gardener, Autotroph is important because in order for them to stay alive they need energy from the sun witch makes there nutrition.

My favorite questions asked while we were reading were

Is mason's dad a plant?

Why does the dad and the girl have the same tatoo?

We found out the answers as we read. Here they are.

1. Mason's dad is the gardener.

2. The dad and the girl bot have the same tattoo because the both come from the greenhouse.

The setting

The Gardener takes place in three different places Washington, TroDyn and Portland Oregon.

In Washington was when mason first found the girl then he took her to portland to keep her away from people wanting to her. At the end he ended up having to take her to TroDyn so she would survive.

Medical Ethics

One of the ethical issues in The Gardener is whether or not it's right to do experiments on humans. I think human experimentation is a bad thing because you are testing real life humans that still have for to life. In The Gardener, the experiments they do on humans are unbelievable because they are making these kids feed on there own food.

Climate Change & Food Crisis

Climate change is a problem in where we live. Its a problem because if the weather is changing where we grow tropical fruit the all of a sudden it gets to hot to grow food.

Food Crisis is also another problem to our society. Its a problem because if we have no food our population will start to decrease.

Dear Future Generations, Sorry

The song "Dear Future Generations, Sorry," is about how tryst to tell us and the people in the future that if we don't make a change in our environment we won't have an environment to live in.

Both The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen and "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" deal with the common theme of Food Crisis. They are common because the kids our feeding on sunlight and providing there own food. In "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" is if we keep cutting down trees we won't have any oxygen to live and cutting trees won't let are food grow as well.

The Karner Blue

The Karner Blue is a blue butterfly that lays its eggs on blue lupine. The problem with laying its eggs is here is that the there getting cut down. In The Gardener, we see the Karner Blue as a representation for the kids. If we can compare the Karner Blue to humans, Then eventually humans will become endangered because our nature is changing.

My Final Thoughts

My prediction from the beginning, where I thought the story was going to be about a garden or a green house was not exactly what it turned out to be. Actually, my prediction was as far of as I thought The Gardener was involved around the green house towards the end of the story.

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